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Best Poster Awards

Best poster award recognizes excellence in research and presentation. One award will be presented at each morning and afternoon poster session. The winners will be selected based on the novelty and timeliness of the research, the quality of the poster itself, and the clarity of the accompanying presentation by the author. All posters are eligible for nomination for this award provided they meet the requirements for posters as described on the Conference website.

  • Presentations should consist of well-prepared visual materials about the work posted on a designated board.
  • Authors are required to be registered for the Conference and to be present to provide details and answer questions.
  • At a minimum, authors must be present at their poster for the first and last hours of each Poster Session.

Best Poster Awards Winners

AV-02 Stress Induced Domain Wall Motion in FeCo microwires for Energy Harvesting
Sabpreet Bhatti
Nanyang Technological University

BV-14 Anomalous Nernst effect in Ir22Mn78/Co20Fe60B20/MgO layers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
Sa Tu
Beihang University

CV-07 Strategy for determining a magnet position in a 2D space using 1D sensors
Pedro Ribeiro
INESC - Microssistemas e Nanotecnologias and IN

EP-11 Giant perpendicular exchange bias in a sub-nanometer inverted (Co/Pt)n/Co/IrMn structure
Jiafeng Feng
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

FW-09 A Novel Three Limb Topology of a Saturated Core Fault Current Limiter in HVDC System
Hang Zhou
School of Electrical and Engineering, Wuhan University

GW-15 Magnetization studies of obliquely sputtered CoFeB for TMR sensors
Svenja Willing
PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

HT-10Voltage induced strain-mediated perpendicular magnetization control for in-memory computing device
Qianchang Wang
University of California, Los Angeles