Singapore Skyline


Singapore is a city with an excellent network of public transport system. The trains and buses connect any part of the city. The easiest way to use buses and trains is to buy an EZLink card (prepaid stored value card) from airport station or several main train stations and use them. Tap in the card reader when you get in and tap again when you get out. You can top-up the EZLink card, when the stored value is used up. The typical fares in bus or train range from about S$0.8-S$2.

Taxis are a faster means of travel. There are over 25000 taxis. They can be picked up from taxi stands, hotels etc. They can also be booked through phone calls or using an app “Grab”. Uber is another option. All taxis are metered. Fares are charged according to the meter. Some surcharges (such as late-night charges, peak-hour charges, pickup from some special places) may not be shown in the meter. Receipts must be issued upon request. All the taxi drivers speak English. More details about taxi services are available here Google maps or Grab App give approximate fares if you enter your starting point and destination. The flag-down fare is between S$3-S$4. Booking charges (by phone call or app) may range from $3-$4. Approximately, the taxi rides cost S$0.6 per km.

Google maps are reasonably up-to-date. Please use the form below to get directions from the airport to the conference venue, or any other location you would like to visit.

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